The Best Cheap Heavy Duty Bird Feeder

Gardman Heavy Duty Seed Feeder

One Of The Best Cheap Heavy Duty Bird Feeder is the Gardman Heavy Duty Seed Feeder. It is a durable all metal bird feeder and is made of polished aluminium.

This feeder will hold up to roughly 600 grams of seed, which is plenty. There are also four feeding points on the feeder so four birds can eat at once from it.

It disassembles easily so it can be cleaned without trouble. This Feeder is ideal for hanging around a garden or feeding station.

The Dimensions are 14 x 14 x 42 cm. This product comes with an alan key to adjust it.
This product is a best seller on amazon. It costs roughly £10. Click the link to see the exact price.

Gardman Squirrel Proof Seed Feeder

If you are worried about squirrels eating you bird seed then you need a squirrel proof feeder. Luckily we have just the thing for you.

The Gardman squirrel proof seed feeder is the perfect thing for keeping squirrels (and larger birds) away from your seed. This allows the smaller birds to feed in safety without fear of being eaten.

In This particular feeder you should put seed mixes or sunflower seeds. This product weighs 340 grams.

The dimensions are 24.4 x 17.2 x 16.6 cm. This product is a little cheaper than the Heavy Duty Seed Feeder and costs about £7. Click the picture to see the exact current price.

Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Ground Multi Bird Feeding Haven

Another Awesome bird feeder is the Gardman Heavy Duty Squirrel Proof Ground Multi Bird Feeding Haven. This is a bird feeder which you do not hang from a tree, you just place it on the ground!

It is squirrel and pigeon proof so only little birds can get in and they can eat in safety.

It weighs 1.4 Kg and the dimensions are 40 x 40 x 20 cm.

It is a heavy duty bird feeder with multiple feeding points. It is Ideal for if you have not got much space or you don’t have a tree to hang a feeder on.

This product costs roughly £25 but you can get the exact price by clicking the picture.

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