Best Cheap Microchip Cat Flap

Sureflap Microchip Cat flap.

One of the best microchip cat flaps is the Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap. It is not a very expensive Microchip flap and only costs £49 which is a lot less than some other brands.

This particular cat flap works with your cats existing microchip so they do not need a new one just to get through the flap. the flap keeps out all animals because their microchips have not been registered so the flap locks and won’t let them in. This particular cat flap is compatible with 9,10 and 15 digit Microchips.

There is no collar or tag required to open the flap, because collars can get lost or snagged and then your favorite pet wouldn’t be able to get home. The Flap runs off 4 AA batteries which should last up to a year with normal use.

The Sureflap Microchip Cat Flap is also fitted with a lock so you can control entry and exit. You can make it so the Flap only opens one way or doesn’t open at all. The flap come in White but you can also have it if brown if you are willing to pay £3 more! The Cat flap weighs just under 1 kilo and is easy to install on a door, a wall or even on glass. The dimensions of the opening flap are 21cm by 21cm so your cat can easily fit through. The flap is also just over ten centimeters thick.

The Microchip Cat Flap makes you feel safer knowing that no unwanted visitors are entering your home at night.


SureFlap Microchip pet door.

Also if you are willing to pay £25 more, you can get the Sureflap microchip pet door. It is Very similar to the Cat flap but one of the differences is that this door has a curfew mode. This means that you can set a timer to allow when your cat (or small dog) can be allowed out. This means you can have it unlocked during the day and locked at night to keep you pet from going out.

This flap requires 4 C cell batteries which should last up to a year. This flap doesn’t just work with your pets ID tag. if your pet doesn’t have a tag you can fit them with the SureFlap RFID collar tag. One of these tags is included with the flap. Other than that the door has basically the same features as the cat flap.

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