The Best Flea Killer for Cats

best flea treatmentThe best flea killer for cats is the FRONTLINE spot on for Cats. It kills Fleas, Lice and Ticks on your furry friend.

It is recommended you have some flea killer because you never know when your cat can get fleas or lice and it can be a horrible experience for them.

So naturally you will want the problem sorted out strait away, right? Well Frontline Spot On gets to work straight away to remove your cat from it’s horrible tenants.

Frontline Spot On for cats costs about £17 for 6 pipettes. This means you can treat your cat for fleas six times with one pack. You can also buy 3 pipettes for about £10 but if you but the six you save more money.

How to apply FRONTLINE Flea Killer for cats

Applying the Fleakiller is really easy. All you have to do is part the cats fur at the shoulder blades and empty the whole pipette there. But you have to be careful not to touch the cat there or to let the cat get wet until the treatment dries. The treatment can be used monthly (if need be) throughout the year.

The Indorex Flea Spray

The Indorex Flea Spray is another great thing to have about you. If you have Fleas in your house all you need to do is to spray this around, on the skirting board, cracks in the floor or walls and on carpets. Basically everywhere.

You only need to spray this once every 6 months. It stops fleas living in your house and then getting on your cat. Your cat should be okay with it but keep it out of the room for a few hours just in case.

This is a very popular product with amazing ratings on amazon. The ratings are 4.5 stars out of 5. You can check the price of this product but clicking the picture.

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