A Great GPS Cat Locator Is:

Weenect Cats, GPS locator for cats

is a great GPS cat locator and is a great way to see where your cat is. You can live-track your cat wherever it goes just by looking at the electronic map that you can download with the free app. The tracker covers any distance so you can see your cat wherever it is.

If your cat goes into hiding for too long you can find it by using the ring function on its GPS locator. All you need to do is tap a button on your phone. There is also a vibration button so you can train it to return on its own.

If you cant find your cat all you need to do is look on your phone and track it down. There are 3 types of location: Map, Compass, and Radar.

You can also be alerted if you cat roams off too far! You can define safe boundaries and if it moves outside these boundaries you get a notification. The app also has a history function so you can see where your cat has been.


Unfortunately 1 in 3 cats will go missing in their lifetime. Sadly 26% of the cats are never found again. Please make sure this never happens to your cat.

Facts about the weeedect cat GPS locator:

Long life

The battery can be charged in 3 hours and lasts 4 days in standby mode.

Real time

You get an update on your phone very 30 seconds no matter where the cat is.


Ultra-Light, weighing only 25g it is the worlds smallest GPS tracker.

Water Resistant

It is made out of water resistant silicone.


It is attached firmly to your cats collar or harness.


This amazing GPS cat locator costs around £80 to £100.


Click here to see the correct price.


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